Non Insured Health Benefits

Non-Insured Health BenefitsMedically Necessary Goods

Non-Insured Health Benefits (NIHB)

The NIHB program provides medically necessary goods and services to registered First Nations and recognized Inuit and Innu peoples

Dental Care

Dental treatment is available at dentists and dentureists offices throughout Alberta

Vision Care

  • Glass and plastic lenses
  • Frames and a case
  • Repairs
  • Eye examinations, if the provincial/territorial plan does not provide coverage as an insured service
  • Other vision care benefits may be considered based upon specific medical need

Short-term Mental Health Services

Development of the assessment/treatment plan. Crisis intervention counseling and referral services by recognized professional therapists

Transportation to Access Medical Services

Medical transportation is provided to access health services at nearest appropriate health facility

Payment of Alberta Health Care Premiums

Monthly health care premiums for all First Nations Clients in the province of Alberta are paid directly from Health Canada to Alberta Health and Wellness

Appeal Process

You may initiate an appeal process when a benefit has been denied through the NIHB program