Disease And Injury Prevention

Disease And Injury Prevention Protect yourself against disease

Disease and Injury Prevention

Disease prevention occurs at three levels

  • The first level involves stopping or delaying the development of the disease
  • The second level of prevention forcuses on detecting diseases while in the early stages
  • The third level of prevention is for people who already have a disease

Disease Prevention Programs

Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program (CPNP)

The focus of CPNP is to improve the chances of having a healthy baby by providing pregnant woman, living on the reserve, with services

Aboriginal Diabetes Initiative (ADI)

ADI provides a range of services to First Nations on reserve to address this condition

Brighter Futures/Building Healthy Communities Program

Brighter Futures focus on the quality of, and access to, culturally sensitive wellness services at the community level, to help create healthy family and community environments in which children and all community members can grow stronger