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Health Assessment and Surveillance

Health surveillance is the tracking and forecasting of any health event of determinant by collecting data and using that information to assist health planners and decision makers in determining health programs.

Health Surveillance includes

Tracking and researching on epidemic outbreaks and patterns of communicable and non-communicable disease, behavioral factors, injuries, exposure to toxic substances, living conditions and environmental conditions harmful to health.

Population screening, review of information on persons diagnosed with a disease and research on the spread of disease.

Population health assessment includes

  • Evaluating the community's health needs (including identifying differences in risks, threats and access to services)
  • Identifying the population's health needs (including assessment for health risks and the demand for health services)
  • Collecting, analyzing and interpreting health data and population statistics (using the information to plan health programs to address community needs)

Careers in Health

The Health Careers Program is designed to assist Aboriginal communities to manage their programs and build capacity at the community level by encouraging First Nations to pursue careers in Health

Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel Paul First Nation

The Medicine Wheel represents a holistic view emphasizing the:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual Aspects

Professional Services

Professional Services Paul First Nation

Dr. Boschma

The doctor is available every Tuesday by appointment, and walk-ins will also be seen.

Toddy Dallow

Toddy is the dental therapist and is available through a varied availability schedule through the month of March.