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Schools Paul First Nation Schools Paul First Nation

Philosophy of the Paul First Nation School

The PFN School focuses on the well being of its students. It takes a holistic approach, which prepares its students. Modern First Nations education incorporates a deep respect for the natural world, which helps with the physical, moral, intellectual, and life skills development of the individual. Our First Nation’s language and cultural values will be taught and enhanced through education. Our education will develop qualities and values in students, such as respect for elders and cultural tradition, modesty, leadership, generosity, resource fullness, integrity, wisdom, courage, compassion for others, and living harmoniously with the environment.

Schools Paul First Nation Schools Paul First Nation

To achieve its philosophy for First Nations students, the PFN Education Authority shall help its students receive an education that allows them to pursue further training of their choice and will include the following elements.

Schools Paul First Nation Schools Paul First Nation
  1. Alberta Learning Program of studies curriculum will from the basis of the instructional program
  2. First Nations language and cultural studies shall be an integral part of the curriculum
  3. Special education, gifted education, and preschool programs designated to accommodate individual needs of the student

Post Secondary Education

The Paul First Nation Post Secondary Education Program offers financial support to its students wishing to attend post secondary institutions and wanting to achieve a high level of learning at the college or university level. These programs must be accredited, and the student must obtain a diploma, bacehlor’s degree, or master’s degree in their field.

The Paul First Nation Post Secondary Education funded 37 students to attend part-time or full-time studies in 2006–2007.

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Paul First Nation Education Application

  • Application deadlines:
  • Fall semester: June 15
  • Winter semester: December 15
  • Spring & summer: March 15

With your application, you must provide the following. You must also be a registered member of the Paul First Nation:

  1. Fee assessment (tuition & textbook fees)
  2. Proof of registration (start and complete date)
  3. Copy of Social Insurance Number
  4. Copy of status card
  5. Copy of health care card(s) (all eligible dependents)
  6. Most recent transcript(s)
  7. Waiver form