Tansi Tawow

Historically, the people traveled over a vast territory from the Hudson Bay to the Rocky Mountains, along the foothills to Montana USA. Allied with the Cree, the Nakoda, acquiring modern tools and goods from the Hudson Bay Company, trekked westward taking part in the fur trade, settling mainly in the foothills, and the two other groups of Stoney, one of whom became Paul First Nation chose land just North-West of present day Edmonton, AB

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A People, Rich in Culture and History

The culture, of the people is nature based and holistically intertwined to ensure adequate conditions for future generations. The world view of the people is to protect nature, and honour all things animate and inanimate. This is the first and foremost priority in the sacred duty owed to creation, passed on from generation to generation using ancient practices for countless millennium. First Nations people, the "people of the earth" view nature as an intricate web whereby everything is sacred and spiritual, each needing the other to survive and thrive. It is our hope that the evolution of man, in time and space, in particular industrial and economic development retains and fosters this world view so that all of creation will be afforded due respect in all areas of creativity.